Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Google is prepared to make driving on the road?

The long-rumored Google Drive, or GDrive, service has one time again surfaced on the radar, this time claiming courtesy of a document, the net storage service, as soon as next week to start. Google's cloud storage network will reportedly give users five GB of free disk space. It would enter a crowded market, but Google could help drive plenty of resources to be a contender.
Cloud-based storage utility, Google Drive is to debut next week, according to The Next Web.

Rumors of a Google online storage have been around for years, but it is actual release is now around the corner, told The Next Web for information it received from a Google partner drive.

The cloud storage technique will be reportedly available free, & Google are new users five GB of free space. Earlier rumors held that Google Drive, or GDrive, would provide users with a single gigabyte of storage, but the increased supply would drive more Google on an equal footing with competitors cloud storage. icloud & box both offer 5GB free, & Dropbox user starts off with 2GB. Google drive users will be able to buy additional storage, but the leaked material did not contain any pricing information.

"Google does not drive rumors are something new, like it come up very often," Krishnan Subramanian, Principal Research Analyst at Rishidot told TechNewsWorld. "This time, makes some of the screenshots that are out there I feel that it is actual this time."

Google is meant to drive for Windows, Mac & mobile work platforms. The service will be arranged to be run in the work of the middle of next week.

Google does not reply to our requests for comment on the story.

Takeover contest

If the document is correct, Google will launch a product in an area that is already crowded & highly competitive.

"Internet-storage has been around for some time, but the DropBox client OS & built-in automatic file synchronization raised the bar [for] online & off-line storage solutions," Mike Gualtieri, principal analyst at Forrester Research, told TechNewsWorld . "So now here comes Google in an already crowded & chaotic space."

"There is a clear indication that Google is the belief in a browser-based approach for storage because of the success of companies like Dropbox & icloud disappears in the consumer sector," they said. "This could be the reason why a review of the Google-drive idea that they are going to be shelved historically."
What Google Must Do

Despite the competition, though, Google recognizes, cloud storage is prominent to ignore a field, said Subramanian.

Even if it is late, entering in to the game, though, the Net giant could gain a clear advantage over DropBox & other companies whose sole service is web-file-hosting. As other competitors also offer users five GB of free space to start, can not be Google's largest selling point. But it can use its web presence & infrastructure to offer more affordable prices, said Subramanian.

"The economies of scale they are in their infrastructure, give them leeway to undercut the prices & compete more effectively against the likes of Dropbox & others," said Subramanian.

Google also has a web presence outside of search tools such as Gmail & Google Docs, it can use to draw customers.

"Google's drive must be installed with Gmail & Google Docs," Larry Carvalho, owner Robust Cloud, told TechNewsWorld. "If it is well integrated in to their e-mail, then this offer is mandatory in any case. For example, if all attachments are stored in Google's drive, but kept the actual e-mail box \. basically can It offers some lovely off-line capabilities. "

The tie-in have come by e-mail could come in handy for companies with the Gmail server & looking for more storage options, Gualtieri said. Companies could even be aligned on a different front, according to claim Subramanian.

"They were in the traction they are on Google Apps for business & always open to offer Google-drive with the security companies expect cloud storage - dropbox can not accomplish anything in the near future," says Subramanian.


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