Friday, March 30, 2012

Wikidata, the first new project of the Wikimedia Foundation

Wikidata, the first new project of the Wikimedia Foundation, created in 2006, now begins to develop. The organization, known mainly for its user-created Web encyclopedia of knowledge, Wikipedia announced recently, the new project on Semantic Tech & Business Conference in February in Berlin describes as Wikidata new attempt to create a database of knowledge that can be read and can be processed by humans and machines alike offer.

There have been other attempts, a semantic database of Wikipedia data before construction - for example, DBpedia, a community effort to extract structured content from Wikipedia and is available online. The difference is that in Wikidata, the data will be made not only available, it will be edited by anyone.

The aim of the project to develop a semantic, machine-readable database not only help the web forward, it also helps Wikipedia itself. The data will bring to all localized versions of Wikipedia on par with each other in terms of the basic facts they house. Today, the English, German, French and Dutch versions of most coverage, with other languages ​​fall much further back.

Wikidata also allows users to make different kinds of questions, such as those of the world's ten largest cities have a female mayor? Have, for example. Queries such as these are now answered by user-created lists of Wikipedia - that is, manually created structured answers. Wikidata on hand, be able to create these lists automatically.

The initial effort will create Wikidata of the German chapter of Wikimedia, Wikimedia Germany, the managing director Pavel Richter calls the project conducted "groundbreaking", and describes it as "the greatest engineering project ever undertaken by one of the 40 international Wikimedia chapter. "Much of the early experiments that were conducted in the concept Wikidata conducted in Germany, which is why it is served as a base of operations for the new company.

The German chapter performs the initial development in the creation of Wikidata is involved, but later handed over the operation and maintenance of the Wikimedia Foundation, when complete. The estimate is that hand-off will be a year occur from now, March 2013.

The overall project is divided into three phases, which includes the first to create one page for each Wikidata Wikipedia entry on Wikipedia over 280 supported languages. Wikidata: This is the online encyclopedia with a common source of structured data that can be used in all products, no matter what language they are, for example, date of birth would be recorded and kept someone to offer in one place. Phase one is also about the centralization of the connections between the different language versions of Wikipedia. This part of the work will be completed by August 2012.

In phase two editors will be able to add data and Wikidata, and this is also from December 2012. Finally, the phase three for the automatic creation of lists and charts on the data in Wikidata that populate which can then allow the pages of Wikipedia.

In terms of how Wikipedia is Wikidata affect the user interface, is the plan for the data in the "info-boxes" to live down the right side of a Wikipedia page. (For example, those on the right side of NYC on the page). The data is which will then drive the info boxes, where they always seem to be entered on languages, and other pages that use the same info boxes. But as the project is going right now in development, some of these details change.


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