Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Google Glasses With Virtual And Augmented Reality

The Google Goggles, you can drag a 4G cell connected to knowledge from the Google mountain of information & displays knowledge about the actual world augmented reality on the lens from your eye. How do you turn your head, you will get knowledge about the environment & objects in the vicinity of Google Goggles, knowledge about buildings & establishments from Google Maps, & your friends in the vicinity of Latitude check-ins. The company has no designs for ads on your newly added selling point of view of the world, but it will check whether the product actually on the rise.

As per plenty of reports it is expected that Google will launch the sale of eyeglasses, the knowledge & entertainment, which projected a Google product, promotion on the lenses. These glasses have the combined features of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

Google lenses are fundamentally handheld computers that will use the same Android program that powers Android smartphones & tablets. As smartphones & tablets, the glasses with GPS & motion sensors are fitted. It also includes a camera & audio inputs & outputs.

The glasses are not designed to be worn on a regular basis - but as clever rings, used as needed, to serve with the lentils as a kind of see-through computer monitor - although Google engineers expect some users to carryover a lot.

Several individuals who have seen the glasses, but who are not allowed to speak publicly about it, said that the location knowledge was an important feature of the glasses. With the built-in camera on the glasses, Google will be able to stream images to its rack-computers & augmented reality knowledge back to the person wearing them. For example, a person looks at a historical landmark see detailed knowledge & leave comments by friends. If facial recognition program is correct , the glasses could keep in mind a support, when & how they somehow known to the person standing before him at a party. They could be used as a playground for virtual reality games that use the actual world.


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