Monday, February 27, 2012

Video game hidden message of working offering Pirates

video game
Video games publishers usually include a variety of copy protection methods developed to distribute their titles to cease pirates, but most games still finish up as a free download on torrent sites within days of their official publication. Now a developer has taken a new approach to combat the pirates captured - by offering them a job.

Was developed when Syndicate, a sci-fi shooter from Starbreeze Studios, published this week, noticed a Reddit user MikkelManDK ". Nfo" file on the game disc. That was unusual, because such files do not usually contain actual copies of a game, but added by pirates game to brag about their illegal versions.

The file also offers pirate a chance to get the legitimate gambling industry to ask: "Are you bored with watching from the sidelines to move to the Prepared to switch?" As well as listing of desirable skills and give instructions on how to apply for Starbreeze Contact a job. The developers log with a plea for the pirates to their hard work before you download will be free to play. "More than a hundred people spent several years of her life making this game in the event you like what you play, think about in the event you do not."

Such. Nfo files, text-based normally ASCII art with the Pirates' logo and directions for installing the game, which usually has various steps to the play of the copy protection bypass included .. Starbreeze the nfo in lieu only statements: "1) Insert you disc two) Play;) ".


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