Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Opera Mobile 11.5, Mini 6.5 spotlight data storing

opera mobile
Opera software, today announced a new version of its mobile browser, Opera Mini is Opera Mobile users to view data diet plan exactly how much that has enabled the 6.5 software release 11.5.
One of the top selling points for Opera Mobile and Mini, when people read Web pages, Opera's servers, it boiled down to fetch the data, send a small version of mobile phones and tablets and browsers that are running is. It is an explosion of data traffic on both networks, large amounts of data is a major problem for mobile operators who subscribe to the cap of the data and are suffering because you can save.
Mini and now the Opera Mobile, Opera megabytes server how to get exactly what the original Web site, you can display the amount sent to your phone's browser.
"Do you use and how many gigabytes, but may not be important at home, that does not have an inexpensive and you travel abroad, it is forbidden of God, or in hotels, roaming feature is important with a tablet or mobile device or SIM card, "Crow Christian, Opera's Chief Development Officer, said the company's largest web event in the North here.
The new version, starting at 5:00 am PT, is scheduled to arrive today. Portable Android. Other versions to arrive in the next few days to several weeks, Krogh says.

Christian Crow, Chief Development Officer of Opera
(Credit: Stephen Shankland / CNET)
"We are fast as we can and will be rolled out to them," he said.
Mobile and Opera Mini is a different approach to how the proxy server browsing support in Opera. In Opera Mini, the server is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, including, handling all the Web pages, boiled down, it sends down the version that appears briefly. Opera Mobile is, however, handles its own engine and code browser, the proxy server to be used for tasks such as to reduce the graphics to the screen size is the main such a small mobile.
Opera Mini, for more devices to work with, the difference is, Opera Mobile is the principal means are suitable for high-end mobile phones and tablet. One major difference in practice, interactive and dynamic Web sites with Opera Mini, is to become more static.
The proxy server approach, and to undertake dynamically on the server, using a hybrid approach to determine how much processing and how to conduct tablet Amazon Kindle the fire of the company's announcement of the silk that the Amazon Browser , and new attention.
In addition, Opera Mini will come in 6.5, Web pages seem to be faithful to the original improvements, Crow has been added.
For now, Opera's proxy servers using more than 140 million people every month, the company said.
In addition, Web events are true north, Opera will ship by the end of the year for Opera 12, unveiled an alpha version of a browser-based hardware acceleration.


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