Monday, September 26, 2011

Google's Network branded Sim Card

Oh the almighty Google, when will you ever stop? As we all know, Google is probably one of the most influential companies in information technology of our time. With its recent foray into telephony / video telephony services through its expansion of Google Voice, and with their ingenious addition to Google + over their "hangout function, it is obvious that they continue to march forward in the field of mobile services.
Android is the world's fastest growing mobile operating system, with nearly 600,000 daily activations occurring now. It seems that the day to pay for you not for minutes, your carrier approaches earlier and earlier, when the picture is actually taken as truth. That being said, a clever Photoshopper with time and skills could have created this easy.

But - for a minute, let's just think - it would be nice just to have to pay for the data? Call With Google Voice as a wonderful alternative to making calls within the United States and Canada, and an extremely favorable prices abroad, we have no doubt that the carriers (and their shareholders) have to shake in their boots, having enjoyed the huge double-whammy party have forced consumers to pay, so that consumers pay for minutes and data alike ....
As the photos above show clearly, it looks like a SIM card with the Google brand. According to the rumors, these SIM cards currently being tested on the Nexus p. The image itself is said to come from Spain, and it appears after it is inserted into the Nexus S, the modified carrier branding Google_Es. Also suggests the source that Google could become, in fact, a 'virtual' operator and either cooperate with or Pepephone Simyo - Spain's primary provider of telecommunications networks.

Google might be testing study in Spain? They are planning on entering the telecom companies? Or is it all a big hoax, meant arouse a great deal of attention? One thing is for certain people - this image can not be too happy to support.

How about you - would you become a customer, if Google launches mobile device service?


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