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Latest Technology News | Recent Inventions

Latest Technology News and Recent Inventions

Get updates on the latest technology news and recent inventions in the world. Find out about the latest technology trends, news, current inventions in the field of robotics, computer technology, space science, gadgets and more. Knowledge in various recent inventions such as robots with human expressions, mystery of black holes, 4G technology, 3-D processor chips, latest mobile phones, operating system, that instead of Windows, evidence of water on Mars lasts .... .. . and many others that I update regularly. This lens is my attempt at this latest display of all information here in this lens.


4G Technology 

Fourth Generation (4G) mobiles

referred to as 4G Fourth Generation Communications System, a term, the next step in wireless communication is described. A 4G system, provided a comprehensive IP solution where to voice, data and streaming multimedia users on an "Anytime, Anywhere" basis. Data transfer rates are much higher than previous generations.

The main objectives of the 4G are:

1) 4G is a fully IP-based integrated system.

2) This position will be 100 Mbit / s and 1 Gbit / s speeds both indoors and outdoors.

3) It can provide superior quality and high security.

4) 4G all kinds of services at an affordable price.

4G is being developed to ensure high Quality of Service (QoS) and rate requirements presented in forthcoming applications like wireless broadband access, multimedia messaging, video chat, mobile TV, high-definition TV content, DVB, minimal service like voice and data services and other streaming services.

4G technology allows high-quality smooth video transmission. It enables fast downloading of full-length songs or music in real time.

The business and popularity of 4Gmobiles is predicted to be very large. On average, from 2009, this market 4Gmobile over $ 400B and it will dominate the wireless communications, and its converged system will replace most conventional wireless infrastructure.

Data Rates for 4G:

The download speed for mobile Internet connections of 9.6 kbit / s for 2G mobile currently. But in actual use of the data are generally slower, particularly in crowded areas or where there are bottlenecks in the network.

4G mobile data transmission are planned, up to 20 megabits per second, that it can be 10-20 times faster than standard ADSL services.

In terms of content, seed 4G will be about 200 times faster than present 2G mobile data rates, and about 10 times faster than 3G broadband mobile communications. 3G data rates are currently 2MBit/sec, which is very fast compared to 2G's 9.6Kbit/sec.

New Blackberry Curve 


Blackberry Curve (8300) is one of the most popular latest phones since its launch. But since its launch, mobile industry has experienced many advances in technology. So to keep them update wit latest technology Blackberry family has launched its latest edition called BLACKBERRY BOLD.


Blackberry Bold is a blend of greatest features of Windows Mobile and the quality and reliability specific to Blackberry brand.

With the help of new Blackberry Bold now it is possible to edit your Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents. These updates can be moved over onto main PC or Mac. So now you can update and improve speeches and presentations during practice runs or when still on the road.

Blackberry Bold


Blackberry Bold is one of the most media-friendly release yet with the inclusion of Wifi which allows you to access the Internet from virtually millions of locations worldwide (the GPS and mapping functions can help you locate a site). And even outside of hot-spot areas, the Blackberry Bold utilizes HSDPA technology to access nearly 3G download speeds.

In new Blackberry Bold streaming videos are also available, complementing the mp3 player. And with the Media Sync application, you can easily transfer media files from itunes to your handset very easily.


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