Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Motorola Xoom: a Bargain at Sam's Club?

Analysis: Offering a budget-priced tablet helps parry rival iPad's pricing.

If Apple has one thing over its Android competitors, it's definitely (and surprisingly) the iPad's low starting price. Well, leave it to a wholesaler like Sam's Club to come to the rescue. According to some information obtained by Android blog Droid Life, the retailer appears set to start selling a Wi-Fi only model of the Motorola Xoom at a price of $539.
This would be $60 less than the target price Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha alluded to about two weeks ago -- although still $40 more expensive than the cheapest iPad -- and seems to confirm the company has plans to bring it to the U.S., which was also a question. Obviously, you have to pay for membership to Sam's in order to buy the item -- so the deal is not necessarily open to everybody.(See also "Xoom vs. iPad: The Real Tablet Wars Begin.")
The report doesn't mention a release date, but does note that a Wi-Fi version is headed for the European market in April.

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